Vaxholm is one of the islands of Stockholm archipelago. Known primarily for the fortress to protect Stockholm from Russia, and the abolition of taxes from fishermen, in exchange for the obligation to feed the garrison and give shelter to the military.


From Stockholm can be reached by ferries Waxholmbolaget for 137 SEK (round trip) and 50-80 minutes. Depends on the stops with which the ferry goes.

National museum

Tickets are bought on the ferry, they are not suburban ships, they do not belong to SL! Cashier to the left of the entrance at the bow of the ship. Keep the ticket until the end of the trip and give it to the team when going ashore. Run about once every half hour, schedule and route maps on the website:

A.F. Champan
Photo from collection of State Library Victoria
Abandoned gas hub.
If you are tired of waiting for public transport, there is a taxi.
Traffic controllers.

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